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Order in force and cancel

orders take effect:

in General, after the order is submitted, our customer service and order confirmation information, both verification and payment, customer payment confirmation payment order that took effect after a successful, confirm the flowers after the first payment of the customer (shall not exceed the period of 3 days) after confirmation of order to take effect.

order cancellations:

confirmed orders outstanding cases, beyond the delivery date, the order will automatically void revoke; flowers can also take the initiative to inform our revocation of orders. But already paid (or unpaid but sent flowers after the first payments of commitments), and order status arrangements have been made to the branch prepared flowers and predetermined artificial matter has occurred, please see the following articles:


1.  non-major holiday periods, can accept orders for delivery the day before the modification or cancellation. In the delivery the day before you want to modify or cancel the order, please 8:30~18:00 work hours (week Six, Sunday work as usual) calls to your customer service staff to assist.

2.  day would send flowers order flowers are no longer accepting orders canceled and change.

3.  major holiday card 3 days in advance, please contact customer service to discuss the changes.

4.  reservation in flowers and have been placed in distribution stores do not accept order cancellations.

5.  order cancellation (non-delivery days of cancellations) fees: 10% of the total order amount to be paid as refund bank fees and labor costs.

6.  did not find direct payment order not our reason to be distribution of orders cancelled, please refer to article 5th. Including the address but is not in the city or town the city delivery area in accordance with the urban or reservations, flower time and unable to complete delivery of orders.

7.  If the delivery day (non-Festival and confirm delivery has not yet been sent out) to cancel the order, need to pay the amount of the total order 50%~100% order processing and material costs.

8.  Valentine's day orders (February 14 distribution of orders) to cancel the Special Note: since Valentine's day is the peak order flowers, send flowers, extremely busy, usually only accept February 11 (included) before the order cancellation. Valentine's day order cancellation fee: until February 11 to cancel, see article 5th; on February 12 and February 13, 50% of the payment order amount as bank refund costs, labor costs and material costs February 14 do not accept order cancellations.

"big day" definition:

flower industry "big day" listed below: Valentine's day, Christmas, mother's day, Valentines day, Chinese new year.

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