Classification of goods
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Order status description

brief description is as follows:

[order processing in the]   This is the initial state of the order

[contact unacknowledged]  contact customer service has ordered people on, but unable to reach both orders will further follow up;

[confirmed, waiting for the customer payment]  order has been confirmed, waiting for customer payments

[waiting for the arrangements (to)]  order has been received, arrangements

[order has been arranged (have to)]  order had arrangements to local stores, waiting for delivery

[archived]  completed the order has been sent and has notified the ordering person

[refund]  the order is void, and part of a cancelled order, will be marked with a "void" tag.

send flowers after the first payment order status is slightly different, but very clear at a glance

[waiting for the schedule (confirmed, unpaid)]  and order determine the order, unpaid, is assigned to Division.

[order has been arranged (unpaid)] orders had arranged to branch, waiting for delivery

[archived (waiting for flowers to an account payment)]  has arranged delivery and notify the ordering person, waiting to order payment.

Please focus on your order status, once found in error must notify us promptly, we will remedy


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