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     flowers is to pay attention to knowledge, intention not be counterproductive, careful, Oh, the first flower shop provides you with some tips

         shop open: most desktop-oriented, but most people like to give arranged in a basket of flowers for congratulations. Big gorgeous flower for flowers. Such as orchids, roses, carnations, Gerbera is very desirable.

Valentine's day: might as well take advantage and they flower to express the mood fit the best. Here are a few: Alice-message of love, Anemone-bitter love, hyacinth-unchanging love, peach-love slave.

Chinese Valentine's day: this day send roses, of course, is the most popular ball ~ grandiflorum is also very pertinent.

mother's day: not limited to send carnations, like Campanulaceae Campanula, haizhu, Turkey balloon flower, lace flower, lavender, and Lily, roses are good gifts.

father's day: flower in the Majesty of lilies, Delphinium, blue flowers, or sections such as hydrangea, is appropriate. But fathers like is best, of course.

Christmas: Christmas rose, poinsettia and sea oak is good.

knot   marriage: sending colourful and rich flower language is preferred, you can enhance the romantic atmosphere, said sweet.

 : for sending color and elegant and rich fragrance (no flavor), ,  fresh,  warm great. Misty grass, rose, Daisy, star-shaped flowers are very suitable.

Joe   move: for sending steady noble flowers,  such as gladiolus,  roses,  bonsai,  bonsai,  Grand means.

 : suitable for send birth flowers best,  rose, ,  Orchid Daisy may,  bless.

 : colorful sweet pea is a good choice ~ or it can also refer to the flower to make a selection.

discussion  : for sending gladiola,  roses,  orchids should be,  avoid giving white,  blue,  yellow flowers or fragrance is too strong. But avoid flowers number was 4, 9, 13, so you should look.


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