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Holiday flowers etiquette

holiday flowers etiquette

wedding ceremony

bright colors and lots of flower language is preferred, can enhance the romantic atmosphere, sweet Lily meaning eternal love, birds of paradise means good luck.


birth of baby

elegant color and rich fragrance, warm, fresh, great; like roses, daisies, stars, flowers, and so on.


happy birthday

give birthday flowers is the most apt, roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, potted plants, blessed forever.


good luck in the opening

colorful wreaths, baskets, said brilliant; suit flowers big gorgeous flowers, such as roses, carnations and orchids.


house warming

free stable noble plants, such as gladiolus, roses or a potted plant, bonsai, meaning to mark the occasion.


the Spring Festival

pine, plum blossoms, chrysanthemums, orchids, potted plants are suitable, a symbol of constancy, wealth, success.


visiting the sick

flowers for patients, the color should not be too gaudy, nor too fragrant aroma, and best in the small basket of flowers, or a vase in the past and help put the flowers well, so that patients can actually feel happy flowers. Gladiolus, roses, orchids, and pay attention to avoid sending number: 4, 9, 13.


tribute to deceased

white roses, gardenias, White Lotus, or plain flowers can be, a symbol of regret, nostalgia.


visiting friends

select each other like flowers and color, if you are not sure, you can choose to view foliage plants and orchids, foliage or flowering is very long, let the shower can feel your mind for a long time.



in this romantic day, even if the flowers expensive, in order to express your love, no matter you have to buy. Flowers not only must have roses, tulips, Lily ...., in fact, like tri-color? (symbolizing love and honesty), Campanulaceae (same heart), sunflower (I loved you), are also a good choice.


mother's day

for a mother's love and thanks, be days, months, and the second Sunday in May, one day, sent a bouquet of flowers to a mother is the most simple way, but flowers is not necessarily to carnations, send mother's favorite flower, is the most appropriate. For example: to Phalaenopsis flower, day lilies, flowers, mallows are quite appropriate.


father's day

the third Sunday of May each year, it is common to thank all father's day, if you feel that distance and father, on this day to send a bunch of flowers (Calla Lily, or bird of Paradise), combined with a gift he likes not only to reduce the distance between, can take this expression of the father's love and respect.



Although this is a foreign holiday, but now has become almost all over the world to celebrate the holiday, usually Christmas poinsettia Christmas flower, colors are red, pink, white, star-like, as if an angel sent here, blessed. In this holiday, poinsettia flowers or artificial flowers made available various forms of flower arrangement, accompanied by candles to decorate the environment, increase the festive atmosphere of the Festival. In addition to this you can send each Christmas tree, or give each other Christmas presents, you can also use Cedar leaves, pine cones, make up a ring Christmas Bells, ribbons, hanging on his door, or for a friend, and is a good Christmas gift.  


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