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Common flowers in nursing homes

common flowers in nursing homes

a. Carnation maintenance:

1. removal of blade depth in water, inclined into water after Cecchi, flowering branches between maintaining good ventilation.

2. the flower is not spraying water so as not to fester.

3. the "vinyl" sensitive, seen far from ripe fruits and vegetables, incense, tobacco, added vinyl preservative better resistance to water.

4. insert 20~24℃ after earlier to cut stems in a warm water solution.

   II. Rose maintenance:

1. preventing the curved folding flower head, stem can be cutting newspaper for the new mosaic, full immersion in water.

2. fold now elephants have occurred, truncate base in warm water, insert a PH3.5~4.5 solution to restore.

3. finishing time to outer loose petals removed, into water, thorns, leaves removed, to prevent bacterial infection of the wound, use bleach or preservatives, and long bottle life.

4. ethylene sensitive should stay away from the over ripe fruits (bananas, Apel Apple), incense, to prevent premature fading.

   III. Lily maintenance:

1. flowers spread, Qi, and insert the base 3~5 cm cut off water, water levels following leaf removal.

2. the removal of flower opening time is about medicine, avoid dropped clothes not clean.

3. Add bleach or preservatives to prolong flowering.

4. but early flowering can be inserted into warm water.

5. sensitive to ethylene, need to avoid cooked fruits and vegetables, incense, smoke and so on.

   IV. Gerbera maintenance:

1. blade bevel Cecchi, into the water, add a preservative effect even better.

2. wire winding stem to correct the pattern, but flowering stems can be easily injured, unnecessary not 纏 is preferred.

3. do not spray water directly on the flower to avoid mould growth.

4. put flower arranging, avoided a direct hit the bottom to facilitate water absorption and prevent bacterial infection.

   five. Tang Changpu (Gladioli) maintenance:

1. 貯 saving time must erect no flat, no entering into the stems bend.

2. to cut stems and into water, water absorption, but note that the do not contain chlorine (bleach), easy lead leaf blight.

3. removal of inflorescence small Bud at the top of, less tip, and encourage other buds open.

4. frozen flower best insert water with preservatives in remote sensing is used, open work well and last.


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