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first, origin and function of flower etiquette

origins of the flower etiquette with etiquette, is formed by the customs.   Transfer feelings, Valentine flowers, in ancient times had already begun.

ceremonies--representing the Oriental ancient civilization of China, in the use of ceremonial flowers, dates back to remote antiquity. Archaeological discoveries dating back 7,000 years ago, already has the Dieffenbachia plant-design on the pottery, enough people have used flowers to beautify one's own life. This outside of decoration, floral pattern, may also be a certain hopes and aspirations. According to historical records, summer ~ the Eastern Zhou dynasty (21~3 century BC), flowers, grass and trees has given symbolic meaning. Such as: blue grass smells "not no one to without Fong, collapsed not because of poor and Hazor. Qian XI does not change, he found himself, he found himself, will not be moved. "For the gentleman (of the Yi lancao, the Li Sao, LAN). "Acacia Xiao fen, a son is a comfort to the mother" (three kingdoms, Wei, Ji Kang's theory of health). Are plants of Peony, one off the grass, so friends don't give with Peony, expressing feelings of parting. Parting gifts the flower of the Peony is the most popular in ancient China etiquette.  '

ancient flower etiquette is not unique to China, in ancient Greece, because of the frequent wars, the emergence of a group of heroes, people to greet the returning heroes with flowers, flowers to express reverence to them. Every year to children's day (Anthester) on this day, the children will be celebrating their own festival wearing a Crown. These can be described as representative of the West began with flowers.

ancestors formed flowers of good manners and customs, give us a precious flower and cultural wealth. Flower etiquette in the form of several: the Millennium until now prevailed for centuries. And gradually internationalized. This development process has stood the test of time and space, that flower etiquette with national and worldwide, ceremonial flowers of infinite charm and unique role.

the heart of beauty, everyone has it. People love to spend. Not only because of her colorful, colorful, and because she has a symbol (meaning beautiful). In past dynasties to chant and songs abound flowers, streams

wind rhyme, briskly through the ages, such as:

Peony: fall red stump started spit Fang, better known as King of flowers.

boast unique gorgeous, exclusive first fragrance in the world.

Orchid: not no one to without Fong not collapsed in a poor and Hazor.

he found himself, does not change, he found himself, will not be moved.

Chrysanthemum: better die holding fragrant branches, ever blowing North wind.

Goldsmith said: "represents many human emotions: true friendship, pure love, lofty beliefs ... ... ; Flowers reflects the many human spirit; perseverance, proudly indomitable sacred chastity ... ... Flowers symbolizes many of the aspirations of mankind: happiness and peace, freedom and independence, healthy and happy....... " The silent language of those flowers, express and sustenance of the people rich in emotion. Just so, the flowers as a gift and cannot be replaced by any other gift. Flowers are a stylish and elegant gifts.

Second, ceremonial flowers flowers

flowers are a human friend, she not only beautified the environment around us, but also imperceptibly influence people's feelings, and edify the people's sentiment. Especially in modern society, the flower becomes an elegant gift. To package the flowers, compositions, such as series of processing, making it a valuable commodity is the basis of flowers. Modern etiquette flowers flower materials mainly include flowers, leaves, fruit, and so on.

flowers: flower etiquette is the material most commonly used in flower, mainly refers to the fresh cut flowers, such as roses, chrysanthemums and Gladioli, carnations, lilies, tulips, Gerbera, sweet peas, and more. Hundreds of varieties of flowers on the market today. People's feelings with flowers is shared, flowers into human emotions. Such as: Rose (rose) is the symbol of love; the Chrysanthemum symbolizes the unsullied; Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) is the flower of love, and so on, the list goes on.

Second, leaf: good flowers need leaves them. In all kinds of ritual flower form, the distribution is very important. Main application with leaf on the market are: tieye, pin Kwai, fishtail Palm, Asparagus densiflorus, ASP, Euonymus, kidney fern, asparagus, Aspidistra, etc. All types of green leaf symbol of a green, long, long, eternal meaning.

three, the fruit: the fruit is the symbol of joy and harvest. Fruit species include Solanum mammosum, honeysuckle, • purple beads, such as kumquats, nandina.

three application forms, ceremonial flowers

flower in the role of ritual intercourse with the degree of social civilization and more and more, and become an important tool for social communication. Flowers in the etiquette of the main application has the following form:

1, bouquets: includes bouquets and bridal bouquet. Using various kinds of wrapping paper, ribbons and other materials, the combination of flowers for a variety of different styles of packing, one-hand grip, hands can hold. Be used to shuttle guests, friends and relatives, ceremony flowers, gifts, weddings and other occasions.

2, flowers: needles used flowers, vases and other container fixed on the fixtures such as flower arranging, different styles. Can be used for Office, restaurant, reception, hotel front desk, conference rooms, and other places.

3, basket: using all kinds of baskets, put in a basket for flower arranging, flower on the flower arranging, creating different styles of ikebana. Can be used for gifts, stage set, Hall decorations, opening celebration and memorial services, and other occasions. Can be divided into celebration gift basket, baskets, decorative baskets, mourn the basket several types.

4, decorative flowers; including the corsage, flower head, wrist, shoulder flower. General to attend large gatherings, conferences, parties, ceremonies, weddings and other occasions worn on the chest, head and wrist. Fewer flowers and the leaves, produced elegant patterns, decorative effect.

5, gifts flowers: grown in pots of flowers, foliage, fruit and flowers, gift packaging, make it a gift. Mainly used in visiting their relatives and friends as a gift

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